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Custom wood walking sticks, wood canes, and wood hiking sticks



US FlagMade in the USA, no rain forest wood, no child labor, and no imports !


The home of the custom wood walking stick, custom hiking stick, and custom cane that you will be proud to buy, from the Western Wood Artist. A trusted professional for over 35 years. Mine are your elegant alternative to the mass produced walking stick, hiking stick, and cane. They are patiently custom made with hand selected Western USA wood, and handmade by me in the West. A hiking stick, walking stick, or cane also makes for a great gift.

Each custom hand made walking stick, hiking stick, and custom handmade cane is a functional work of collectable art, made for use and admiration. Each stick is signed, comes with a signed certificate of authenticity, and a unique registration number. I can custom inlay birthday gems, arrow heads, anniversary symbols and much more!

The wood walking stick, hiking stick, and cane are all handcrafted from specially selected sotol, juniper, birch, and other woods of your choice. I will be glad to help in your selection.

This site is an excellent resource for you, with lots of information and pictures, which will give you ideas for your walking stick, hiking stick, or cane. Email me with your ideas ( or ) and I'll do a free design layout, and give you a free price quote. Custom designs can have many themes, including Life History, Sports Teams, Scouts, Eagle Scout Presentation, Birthdays, Hiking Clubs, Anniversaries, Designer Styles, Birthstone and Anniversary Inlays, Trail Plates, Tracking Sticks, Varied Unique Gift Ideas, Retirement, US Military, Clubs, and lots more. If you can think of it, together we can do it. Click on the gallery 1, gallery 2, and gallery 3 links to see some examples of designs I have done. The page load time might be long and you may have to horizontally scroll, but it is worth it.

The custom walking stick, hiking stick, and cane designs are my specialty. All are patiently worked by hand and totally unique. Whether bought for yourself or as a gift, they are unmatched in beauty, elegance, and character. The quality is present from design, wood selection, preparation and sanding, professional woodburning, workmanship, the hand rubbed finish, and excellent customer service. Exceptional quality through out. Quality you can see and feel. A custom designed hiking stick, walking stick, or cane will look like an accessory to your walking experience, and not a medical appliance or mass produced sweatshop stick. You will be proud to use it and others will admire it. No cookie cutter designs. Many folks have more than one walking stick, hiking stick, and cane, that they use for different occasions. You have more than one pair of shoes or clothing styles, so accessorize with several sticks:)

Contact me with any questions, or

Walking is a great way to improve your health, lose weight, and save gas. :) My hiking stick, walking stick, and cane is a great accessory to do that. It becomes a companion to accompany you on your daily walk or weekly hike. It makes for a harmonious and spiritual connection with nature that metal or plastic ones cannot.
Together we can design one that you will be proud of, and certainly be pleased to give as a gift. They are a long lasting heirloom gift and a personalized one amplifies that.

What makes my approach different? I am happy to exchange emails discussing exactly the right custom design you are looking for, and then work with you on getting the "right" one. You don't check a box for a shopping cart. They should not be sold that way. The Western Wood Artist custom wood hiking stick, walking stick and wood cane are patiently handcrafted without any power tools ever being used in the process. When you send an email, you get answers directly from me, the artist.

A nice hand wrapped leather grip can be attached to the hiking stick, walking stick or cane. Additional items such as a compass, light stick, inlayed gems or coins, beads, feathers, and toppers can be added as well as wood burned images, names, initials, dates, sports team logos, pets, animals, etc. It makes for a personalized and unique custom stick that you create. Whether it is a hiking stick, walking stick, or cane it will be admired for generations. Are the sticks really that nice? See what my customers say.